Welcome to “Soul Caffeine”!

My name is Dave, but this blog isn’t about me…it’s about Jesus.

I created this blog for a few reasons. First off, I believe that there is a desperate shortage of encouragement in the world and I feel called to be part of the remedy. It’s my goal to share God’s Word and to bring more laughter, joy, peace and perspective to your life. In short, these posts will be designed to give a shot of caffeine to your soul, and let’s face it, we could all use more of that!

I also created this blog, because I think that Christian people with good intentions have often overcomplicated the beautiful, powerful and life-changing message of the Gospel. I want to write posts that remind us of the simple truths of God’s love and grace. When we put our focus on Him and His love for us, this crazy world (and our place in it) starts to make a little bit more sense.

That’s about it. I am honored to be sharing these words of encouragement with you and I hope you’ll make a  shot of Soul Caffeine a pat of your daily routine. Thanks and God bless.


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