God’s Plan for your Life

My kids ask me questions all the time. “Daddy, why is the sky blue? Daddy, how big are God’s feet? Daddy, how come I can’t have ice cream for breakfast?” Like all human beings, my kids are trying to figure things out. They’re asking question and as they grow, they’ll eventually stumble on the biggest question of all, “What is God’s will for my life?”

In one way or another, I believe that’s a question that we’ve all wrestled with. The Bible says that we’re born with this sense of “eternity” or destiny in our hearts, but for most of us, we have a hard time discovering what that looks like. I don’t think that our loving Creator intended for this whole process to confuse us, because the Bible gives us some pretty clear steps for discovering God’s will.

Step 1: Start by doing the stuff you already know is God’s Will for your life. The Bible clearly gives us some basics to help us get started. It’s clear that God’s plan for your life begins in a relationship with him. I’m not talking about religion or rules; I’m talking about knowing Him and loving Him which is made possible by what Jesus did on the cross. Once we begin that relationship, God’s Will for us includes prayer, being thankful, loving other people, serving, caring, giving and using His personalized 1000-page text message to us (The Bible) as our standard for living. These things are God’s Will for your life.

Step 2: Discover how your unique Design reveals your Destiny. Ephesians 2:10 says that you are God’s masterpiece and He has created you to do good works that He has already prepared in advance for you to do. I believe we discover those “good works” when we find places where our God-given abilities and our God-given passions intersect at a point of need in the world. When we’re living out our destiny, we’re going to be making the world a better place and finding deep fulfillment all at the same time. We can accomplish this through our vocation, but these dreams are often accomplished through service outside of our vocation.

Step 3: Get started right where you are. I believe the biggest mistake we make in searching for God’s will is that we wait for conditions to become perfect before we start actually “doing” something. If you wait for perfection, you’ll be waiting forever! Right where you are, in your school, in your job, in your neighborhood, in your home, God has already put world-changing opportunities all around you. Ask Him to help you see those opportunities more clearly and then get going! He didn’t create you to sit on the sidelines; He made you to change the world!

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11


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