Childlike Faith

I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” -Jesus (Mark 10:15)

As a parent of young kids, I’m always doing my best to teach them how to be a responsible adult. That’s what a parent is supposed to do, but Jesus’ Words remind me that not only should I teach my kids, I should also learn from them. If I refuse to humbly receive God’s invitation like a child, then I miss the whole point. The tough Truth here is that Hell is a real place that will probably be full of “responsible” adults, so let’s take a lesson from our kids and start living out Childlike faith:

1. Receive God’s Gifts with enthusiasm! Kids know how to receive a gift. Adults will politiely read the card and meticulously remove the wrapping while a kid will just tear in! Kids also don’t worry about not having anything for you. Adults get preoccupied with reciprocating, but we can never repay or reciprocate God’s Gift of Grace, so just be thankful and enjoy His blessings with kid-like enthusiasm. Don’t let your pride prevent you from receiving it.

2. Trust what you don’t understand. Young kids trust their parents (even though we’re not always completely trustworthy). They ask all kinds of questions and they believe the answers they get even they can’t fully comprehend what they’re hearing. As adults, we tend to dismiss anything we can understand because it challenges our illusion of control. God is completely worthy of our trust and he wants us to come to Him with sincere, childlike  faith.

3. Treasure time with Him. Maybe your kids are teenagers or adults and are too busy or “too cool” to hang out with you, but whether its fishing, shopping or just cuddling, the little kids LOVE spending time with Mommy and Daddy. Our Heavenly Father wants us to desire time with Him in that same way. He wants to be an active presence in our lives. He doesn’t just want us to “Love” Him, He wants us to like Him! When we consider all He has done for us, what’s not to love? Talk to Him, Learn from Him and simply enjoy Him. He’s already crazy about you!

Important Disclaimer: Being “Childlike” doesn’t give you permission to be “Childish“. This means you must still go to work, pay taxes, wear clothing in public, refrain from urinating in swimming pools and try not to pick your nose while people are watching.


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