The Heart of Worship

Have you ever been to Applebee’s (or any restaurant) when you are celebrating somebody’s birthday? For me, one of the most painfully awkward experiences on earth is the moment when your Server tries to recruit a bunch of fellow servers to gather around your table and force some false enthusiasm as they sing a birthday song. It creates a pretty funny contrast. In my family, we are wildly, passionately, joyfully singing (usually off key) at the top of our lungs to honor the Birthday Boy or Girl while we’re being flanked by people singing the same song to the same person but without any heart or passion.

What’s the point here?

I think most churches are full of people who sing songs to God with the half-hearted enthusiasm of the Singing Servers at Applebee’s. The reason why there is no joy is because they are singing to a Stranger! They’re singing to someone they don’t know in the hopes that maybe they’ll get a “tip” (or some kind of blessing) as a result of carrying out their duty.

NOBODY (including God) enjoys that kind of “worship.” God is looking for loving family members around the table with Him laughing and learning and singing and feasting and just enjoying His company. He wants to give you much more than a “tip.” He wants you to inherit the Keys to His Kingdom. He wants your worship to flow from your love for Him. He wants to give you a relationship; not a religion.

Out of that relationship, you’ll begin to discover that every part of your life can be an act of worship. Connecting with God is not confined to Sunday mornings. He will be a constant presence in your life and as you grow in your love for him, your life (and your songs) will develop an intimate sense of love, passion and joy for God.

“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31



2 thoughts on “The Heart of Worship

  1. Marie says:

    This is sooooooooo true, but how many of us know how to truly become acquainted with God that He is no longer a stranger that we sing to.

  2. Cordell says:

    You’re right ! I was like that but now I feel these songs so deeply. Sometimes I feel the need to cry, go crazy. Lol
    How wonderful He is !

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