A Prayer for Today

LORD, I’ve got to admit, I’ve already wasted a big chunk of Today because I’ve been thinking about yesterday and worried about tomorrow. I know you want me to embrace the fullness of the Present, but my own fear, stubbornness, doubt and regret all get in the way. Forgive me. Please let this prayer be my prayer Today and everyday from now on.

Father, in Jesus’ Name I’m asking you to change the world through me Today. Please cancel all of my own plans and replace them with Your Plans. I know your plans are better even when I don’t fully understand them. Please interrupt my routine with people who need to be encouraged and helped and give me the Grace and Wisdom to help them. Please clear my mind of my many past regrets and future plans, I know that you’ve already paid the price for my past and paved the path to my future.  Today and everyday, my life is in your hands. Please forgive me of my pride, doubt and selfishness and give me the strength to be free from every form of sin. I know that all sin starts in my mind, so renew my mind with your Truth and guide my thoughts and my actions. Please help me to see the world through your eyes, Today. Help me to see people and love people the way that you do. Let me live Today with the focus and resolve I would have if I knew it was my last day on Earth. Use me as a living instrument of your Grace and Love. Today is a day that you have made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you for the countless Blessings in my life. Today, please help me to choose an Attitude of Gratitude. I love you, LORD. Thanks so much for loving me and for reminding me with every Sunrise, that you are a God of New Beginnings, Second Chances and Beautiful Grace. 


18 thoughts on “A Prayer for Today

  1. Jeff Asselin says:

    Dave! Dave! Dave! Thanks bro for being a constant encourager to me! This prayer hit me at JUST THE RIGHT TIME!!! I have printed it out as a reminder DAILY that we live for HIS purpose not our own. I pray that God helps remove worry and fear from my life – I know that I need more of His Word in me! Thanks again for being a great friend and encourager!

  2. Jeff Asselin says:

    Great Blog Post from my buddy @davewillis

  3. cathy green says:

    Awesome , I needed it!

  4. I have been greatly encouraged by your Twitter comments. This is the first day I have read your blog. Really wonderful!


  5. Emma says:

    I prayed a similar prayer just a minute ago! So awesome how God works in showing me this one too!!

  6. Tebogo says:

    Thank you for this encouraging word they make me to go through they day and see that our Lord Jesus Christ is forever leaving and he uses people like you to touch our lives and be encourged on our Christian life may God Bless you I also share with my family and friend thanks once again.

  7. Dentoz says:

    I lav God

  8. TJ says:

    I needed this, too. Thanks for putting today in perspective. =)

  9. tmumuni says:

    Reblogged this on Tmumuni's Blog and commented:
    Deep…simply deep.

  10. Ashley Morgan says:

    Very powerful!! Thank you Dave!!!

  11. R g says:

    25,000 dide of hunger today,yesterday, will tomorrow.
    Why would God answer your/my prayers, yet not theirs?
    What does God do today?
    In the O T he was a wrathful God.(Had a man stoned to death for collecting sticks)
    Now we are told he is a loving God, but where is the evidence?

    • soulcaffeine says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read and share some thoughts. You bring up some important points. The Message of the Bible is not that God wants to punish people nor is it that God want to make people “religious.” Sin (our human selfishness and rebellion) entered into the picture and ruined everything. Because of God’s perfect Justice, that sin had to be dealt with harshly, but God, in His perfect love, took on that penalty Himself when He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ into the world to die on a cross and pay the penalty for us. Now, we have hope in Him because of His goodness, not our own. He calls us to be His hands and feet in a broken world and bring healing, hope and justice, but until He returns to set all things right and make all things new, we will still live in a world surrounded by the brokenness and reality of sin and disease. In Him, we have the hope that all our pain is temporary, and all our joy will be Eternal. I pray that you discover this Grace and Peace that has changed my life and the lives of millions more. Blessings.

    • On the face of it, things seem even more contradictory than you specify. The God who killed a guy for picking up sticks on the Sabbath is the very same God who, when asked why his disciples were disobeying the Sabbath by harvesting wheat, said that He hasn’t stopped working 24/7 since creation and neither has His Father.

      So what are we to make of this? The trouble is, we don’t have God’s perspective on the situation. Here are a few thoughts…

      1) Until Jesus came, everyone was judged by the Law. Jesus came to fulfill the law.

      2) The man wasn’t killed just because he was disobeying, but to be an example, an object lesson, to all the other people who witnessed the event.

      3) We don’t know the real situation. We weren’t given all the details. Was this guy killed JUST for picking up sticks? Where there other sins? Or perhaps God was doing him a favor… this guy gets taken out of the picture to teach everyone else to obey the Sabbath. HE gets to go to Heaven right away, while the rest of them end up wandering around in the middle of the desert for forty years.

  12. Marykaye royal says:

    Wow ! I like this site & will be using it a lot ! Thank you

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