Lessons from a “Happy Meal”

Last night I took my kids to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal. We were on our way to a Flag Football game and in a hurry, so I didn’t inspect the contents of our order until we were back on the road and I heard my boys giggling as they pulled out their Happy Meal toy. “It’s Hello Kitty! It’s a girl toy!” The folks at the Drive Thru Window had given us the girl toys by mistake. The boys laughed and joked for a moment expecting me to pull out the “real toy,” but when I told them that those were the only toys, their moods become more serious. They were angry! They were acting like their meals had been laced with Leprosy an that “girl cooties” might have somehow infected their french fries. They thew the helpless “Hello Kitty” toy on the floorboard of the van and rebellion and disgust.

I started to think of a life lesson to share with them. Honestly, I wasn’t doing it to be a good Father or because I’m a preacher and that’s what preachers are supposed to do. I was just frustrated, running late and tired of hearing them complain, but through it, I think God taught us all an important lesson. I asked them if they knew any little girls at school who might like the toys. They immediately started talking about the girls in their class who would LOVE the “Hello Kitty” toy. As I helped them plan out giving the toy away, I think they started enjoying the anticipation of giving it away even more than they would have enjoyed the Action Figure they were supposed to get.

What’s the Point?

I believe that very often, God puts gifts in our life that aren’t there for our own personal consumption, but because we’re all pretty selfish by nature, we disregard those gifts as trash instead of thinking about how we could bless someone else with them. What in your life do you have but you don’t really need? There’s someone out there who would be blessed to receive it and you would be blessed to give it. Don’t hoard it, don’t throw it away, choose to give it and not only will you bless someone else, you’ll be blessed too. There is a purpose to everything if you will see its value through God’s eyes and not your own.


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