While you were Sleeping

While my newly-formed earth slept in darkness, I created the light. While Adam slept in the Garden, I created Eve. While my Children Israel slept in slavery, I brought forth a Deliverer to set them free. While they slept in the wilderness, I brought food from heaven to sustain them. While they slept in a foreign land, I prepared for them a Promised Land. While the tiny town of Bethlehem slept on that Silent Night, I brought forth a new baby-My Son, Your Savior. While you were sleeping in in the darkness, I brought forth a great light.

I AM the One who neither slumbers nor sleeps.

I AM the One who will one day make all things New and all things Right.

I AM the One who created you, saved you and loves you.

I AM the One who is with you. Never will I leave you or forsake you.

I AM the One who will return like a thief in the night while the world sleeps.

I AM the One who gives Rest and Peace to those who trust in Me, so sleep in Heavenly Peace tonight knowing that I AM in control.


10 thoughts on “While you were Sleeping

  1. ariAna says:

    eye opening and comforting love you God so much

  2. pbus1 says:

    This rendition is such an original approach to sharing about an occurrence that happened so very long ago! Amen! God bless!


  3. SavageNichole says:


  4. Erin says:

    Amen! This gives me peace..just reassuring that He is in control!! God is soooo good 🙂

    God Bless!

  5. kcarpenter85 says:

    Check out my blog! Please share it if tou like it! http://www.youaremarvelousyou.wordpress.com

  6. Melissa McGrath says:

    Reblogged this on Powerful Words.

  7. Gloria Shaffer says:

    This is great! Thank you!

  8. Pibi says:

    Reblogged this on papercandies.

  9. Carrie J says:

    …do sleep in heavenly peace to tonight knowing that I AM IN CONTROL.
    I so needed to hear that.
    I am experiencing unexplainable head pain. Specialist tell me I am fine … I was recently referred to a physiatrst… I had never even heard of such a doctor. Please Pray I will be well soon. God is in control.

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