Life Lessons from Chuck E. Cheese

My kids love Chuck E. Cheese. It’s basically just a big arcade with overpriced pizza, but to them, it’s paradise.  From the moment we walk in, their little hearts start racing and their eyes get huge as they take in all the sights and sounds.

Immediately they want me to buy them tokens because tokens represent the currency of Chuck E. Cheese.  Now the tokens have a picture of Chuck E. the Rat on the front and on the back they say in big letters ““This token has no real value.” How true a statement is that? No real value. They take their fistful of tokens and they begin to pump those coins into every brightly lit machine they can find. They play all the games, but they focus their attention on the games that give tickets because those tickets can be redeemed for prizes.  Now, the so-called prizes end up being just as worthless as the tokens, but to my kids, it seems like treasure.

The more my boys play the games, the more selfish they seem to become. Sometimes they’ll even accuse me of stealing their tokens and tickets at which point I have to restrain myself from publicly spanking them. I’m thinking to myself, “How ridiculous!” I’m the one who loves them and gives them everything that they need and their greed has blinded them to the point that they’re loving a make believe rat named Chuck E. Cheese more than they love their own Dad!

I think ever parent has at one time or another looked at their kids and thought, “They’re getting all worked up over stuff that doesn’t matter at all!” We were probably the same way as kids, but now as adults we see things differently. But…do we really?

I know that I’m just as tempted to spend my energy chasing after stuff that’s honestly pretty worthless. The tokens and tickets get exchanged for cash and credit cards and the prizes evolve from matchbox cars to real cars, but in the scope of eternity, my pursuits can be just as worthless as what my kids do at Chuck E. Cheese. The more I play that game, the more selfish I seem to become. My greed can even get in the way of me trusting my Heavenly Father who is the one who loves me and provides everything that I need.

I picture God looking at us sometimes and thinking, “My kids get worked up over stuff that doesn’t matter at all.” It doesn’t have to be that way. God wants us to have purpose and fullness in our lives. He wants us to chase after things that will matter for eternity. He wants to replace our worthless trinkets and prizes with eternal treasure.. He wants to take the journey with us and bless us every step of the way if we will just trust Him and Love Him with all of your heart.”

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21


3 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Chuck E. Cheese

  1. abnchemo says:

    Love it, as a Dad of 2 young boys this really was a breath of fresh air. It really made me think and I want to thank you for doing that!

  2. Josh says:

    What a great analogy and huge wake up call to all parents!

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