How to Be a Super Hero

I vividly remember my first big prayer as a kid. I had just watched the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeves and immediately knew my destiny. I was going to be a Super Hero! All I needed was some tights, a cool name, some hair gel and, of course, the ability to fly. I was pretty sure I could get the rest of the stuff on my own, but flight was going to be a problem.

I had just learned in Sunday School that if you pray in Jesus’ name, God would give you whatever you asked for. That sounded like my ticket to flight! I stood up on a big rock in our backyard and I looked around to make sure none of the neighbors were looking then I closed my eyes as tightly as I could and I mustered up the best prayer a 5-year-old could make.

I said, “God, please let me fly like Superman! In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!”

I felt a surge of adrenaline pump through my tiny body and I raised my arms to the heavens and leapt off that rock and you will never guess what happened next…I flew! Okay, I didn’t actually fly. In reality I feel to the ground and scraped up my knees and my faith.

I was so confused. I thought prayer was supposed to work! I thought that God wanted to give us the desires of our hearts, and I had never wanted anything so badly as I wanted to be a Super Hero. I thought maybe I had prayed wrong, or maybe God was mad at me for something. Maybe I was never meant to be a Super Hero and I just needed to lower my standards and give up on my dreams.

That disappointing moment stuck with and I came to a place where I subconsciously lowered my standards and decided not to expect too much out of life. Sadly, I think that’s where most people get stuck. We start out in life with all kinds of hopes and dreams and unbridled energy, but along the way, the disappointments of life replace our dreams with disillusionment. It was never meant to be this way.

I’ve come to discover something that has changed my life and I believe it will change your life as well. I’ve learned that all of those hopes and dreams that God placed inside you as a kid are desires He still wants to fulfill. Your destiny won’t look exactly like you imagined (there probably won’t be tights involved), but your reality can be something even better than you imagined.

Here’s the bottom line. God created you to a Super Hero! He made you to change the world. You were never meant to be a spectator in life just going through the motions and barely getting by; you are meant to be a courageous agent of change fulfilling a God-given destiny that will impact eternity. Even as you’re reading these words, I believe there is something stirring inside of you that recognizes these words as Truth.  All you need to do is have the courage to Trust God, Live out your Faith, Selflessly Love People and you will change the world for God’s Glory!


2 thoughts on “How to Be a Super Hero

  1. […] read a Blog post earlier today by my Twitter-mate, @Soul_Caffeine called How to be a Super Hero. The jist of the story is that we receive and take on messages as children from other people that […]

  2. This morning we were looking at Matthew 18 and what it had to say about prayer. We all agree that we had never given much thought to Matt. 18:18 and the whole issue of our prayers releasing the power of heaven. Talk about being a Super Hero…and it all takes place at a prayer meeting…who knew…

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