The Top Ten Reasons why I Love the Bible

The Bible is the most famous, most controversial, most talked-about and most life-changing book in History. As a follower of Christ, I believe the Bible to be God’s authoritative Word which is alive and active in the life of every Believer. The Bible has changed my life, so I’ve put together a fun little Top 10 List to highlight some of the reasons why I love the Bible.

10. It’s the #1 Bestseller every year even though it’s never been on Oprah’s Book Club!

9. It has more suspense, action and drama than anything in Hollywood.

8. It shows me how to get to where I need to go better than any GPS.

7. It has more festivals, feasts and parties than Mardi Gras (but without the tacky beads).

6. It has answers to questions you can’t find on Google.

5. It reminds me that God has more friends than facebook and more followers than twitter!

4. It has some pretty steamy romance (have you read “Song of Solomon?!”)

3. It promises me that God’s plans for my life are better than my plans for my life.

2. It has a Happy Ending!

1. It introduced me to Jesus who has saved me and changed me forever.

I’m glad that you’re reading this blog, but I’d be much happier to know that you’re reading the Bible! I pray that God’s World brings you hope, peace and life like it has for me and for countless others.


3 thoughts on “The Top Ten Reasons why I Love the Bible

  1. Ashley says:

    Have I told you how much I like this blog???? I really really do

  2. Kajien says:

    Thank you for posting and sharing this. I really enjoyed reading it. It encourages me to read the Bible. God bless ya brothers and sisters in Christ! 😉

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