March Madness

One of my favorite events of the year is the NCAA Basketball Tournament. As a Kentucky Wildcat fan, “March Madness” marks a time of friendly office Trash Talk, brackets, junk food and a lot of fun. One reason why I love the tournament is that every year, there are underdog team who are counted out by all the commentators and so-called “experts” who end up winning.

These “Cinderella Teams” don’t listen to the experts. They don’t read all the press that says that they can’t win. They don’t care that the other team has already counted the game as a win. They step onto the court believing that they can and will be victorious. They play with fearless passion and relentless determination and leave the experts speechless when they do the impossible and claim victory. They choose to listen to the reassuring voice of their Coach who has been with them every moment of the journey, and he’s saying, “You can do it! Don’t give up! We will win this thing!” 

There will be many times in your life when you will feel like the underdog. There will be people who will tell you your limitations. They’ll try to put boundaries on how far you can go and list all the reasons why you’ll never go any further. Here’s what you need to remember in those moments…You should never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something when God has said you can do ALL things through Christ! There is literally nothing you can’t accomplish! He is with you.

You need to approach life with the bold determination of those brave teams who refuse to be defined by the commentators and critics. Choose to rise above it and listen to your Heavenly Father instead of listening to the critics. When the opposition seems to be winning and you feel beat up and too exhausted to go on, remember that God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a reward for your faithfulness, so don’t give up!

God has tremendous plans for you. Even in your weakness, His Strength will shine through and when it’s all said and done you’ll be given a reward far greater than a Basketball Trophy. If you don’t believe me, just read the Bible. The end has already been decided. It’s like watching a game on your DVR that has already been played. You can skip to the end and see that because of Jesus, WE WIN! 


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