Date Night

Once a week, my Smokin’ Hot Wife Ashley and I go on a date. It’s something we look forward to all week. It’s a chance to reconnect (without kids) and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s an opportunity not only to keep passion alive but it also keeps our friendship alive (and both passion and friendship are key to a healthy marriage).

It’s heartbreaking for me to see how many marriages are really hurting. As a Pastor, I often talk to struggling married couples that would refer to how great things were “back when they were dating.” I always stop then and ask, Why did you stop dating?” They throw out all kind of excuses and with time and money tight, there are always reasons to put your marriage on autopilot, but your marriage is always worth the effort!

I can’t think of a better investment than investing in your marriage. Babysitters might be expensive, but they’re a lot cheaper than Divorce Lawyers! Make a Date Night a protected part of your calendar. If you’re feeling a little rusty and need a few suggestions for what to do on a Date Night with your spouse, here are a few tips…

1. Go on a walk and hold hands. If the weather’s bad, you can do it in Walmart. You always see entertaining stuff in the Walmart!

2. Go someplace new. It’s easy to get in a rut of doing the same things over and over, so be intentional about planning new experiences. Try museums, festivals, new parts of town and places you don’t normally go.

3. Get Dessert. If you need to save money, eat dinner at home and then go out someplace nice just to get dessert. You’ll get the restaurant experience and the best part (dessert) without paying much.

4. Once in awhile get away overnight. This takes a lot more planning, but it will do wonders for your marriage. Start by planning a one-night stay at a local Bed and Breakfast so you’ll be close to the kids if there’s an emergency, but you’ll still feel like you’re a world away. When your kids get a little older, get away for longer periods.

5. Laugh. Go somewhere where you can laugh. Good stand up comedy is one option. When you laugh with someone, you’re more likely to open up with them. Couples that laugh together stay together!

6. Pull the car over and make out. This one’s my favorite.

Well, tonight’s actually our Date Night, so I’ve got to run. I hope the spark in your marriage never dies out and even if it has, it can be reignited with a little effort. Never stop loving your spouse!


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