Nobody Should Walk Alone.

My 4-year-old son, Connor, has such a big heart. He never wants anybody to be left out.

A few days ago we were watching one of his favorite cartoons which is “Martha Speaks.” It’s about a dog named Martha who can talk. It’s actually really entertaining. In this episode, Martha went to the Dog Pound to help out with an adoption drive where they were trying to find a home for every dog in the pound. Martha was talking to all of the dogs and each of them was so excited about the prospect of finding a new home. As the drive went one, every single dog was adopted by a family…except for one.

There was an old, English Bulldog named “Pops” who was left out. Not only was he rejected by all the families, but now he didn’t even have his other friends with him in the pound anymore. When my son realized that Pops was the only one left, tears started welling up in his eyes. He was really sad. I’m not going to lie…I was pretty sad too!

God never intended for any of us to walk alone. Our hearts should break for those who have been left out or rejected. God wants all of us in His Family where we are forever connected to Him and to each other. He created The Church to be a life-giving community and the hands and feet of Jesus to reach out to all who feel isolated or rejected. The bottom line is that God doesn’t want anybody to feel like Pops! We all have a place in his family and we should all reach out to anyone who feels alone.

Maybe you feel like Pops. At one time or another, all of us have felt left out or rejected, but even in our loneliest moment, God is with you. Jesus has said, “Never will I leave you or forsake you.” By the end of the episode, Pops was adopted. His story has a happy ending, and yours will too as long as you trust God.

It’s my prayer that all of us become a little more like Connor and reconnect with that childlike faith that wants to see everybody connected into God’s family. Let’s reach out to anyone who has been left out. Let’s show the love of Jesus to the people who need it most!


2 thoughts on “Nobody Should Walk Alone.

  1. katiek says:

    That is a beautiful story, I read the entire thing to my 3 y/o daughter because I encourage her never to leave anyone out…even stuffed animals, dolls, toys that belong together, etc…your message was fantastic! God bless u!

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