Heart Transplant

In my hometown, there was a young man named Paul. One night, Paul’s parents received the kind of phone call that every parent dreads…their son had been in a terrible car accident. They rushed to the hospital, and when they arrived, their worst fears were confirmed. Their son had been killed. In an instant, their world was turned upside down.

In that moment of tragedy and devastating pain, Paul’s parents were forced to make a very difficult decision of whether or not to donate their son’s organs. They decided that he would have wanted to save lives through his death, so with broken hearts, they signed the papers and they made plans to bury their son.

After some time had passed, they decided that they wanted to visit every person who had received the life-saving gift of one of Paul’s organs. The hospital contacted the recipients and each of them was eager to meet them and thank them in person. They set out on a roadtrip to meet these people whose lives had been changed through their son.

Each encounter was heartwarming. They met a woman who had received one of Paul’s kidneys, and she hugged them and thanked them and said that she would see her children grow up because of their son’s sacrifice. They met a man who had received their son’s liver and he hugged them and cried and he talked about the new life that their son had given him. They waited for last to visit the man who had received their son’s heart.

As they pulled up the gravel drive, they saw him come out of his house to welcome them, and before the car had come to a complete stop, Paul’s Mom had flung open the car door and raced to him. He stood their in bewilderment as she threw her arms around him and squeezed him so tightly that he could barely breathe. After a few moments of awkward silence, he tried to introduce himself, but she immediately stopped him and said, “Shhhh. Please don’t speak.”

She finally pulled away just far enough for him to see the tears streaming down her face. She smiled and with a trembling voice she looked into his eyes and said, “When I hold you close to me, I can feel my son’s heart beating inside of you.”

When I first heard this story, I felt like God was teaching me a life-changing lesson.

One day, you and I are going to pass from this life into Eternity just like Paul has done. In that moment, the money we made, the fame we achieved and the outward success we gained will seem very insignificant. In that moment God will rush to meet you with an embrace. The arms that created the universe will wrap themselves around you and all He will want to say to you and me will be this…“When I hold you close to me, I can feel My Son’s Heart, the heart of Jesus, beating inside of you!”

That’s really what this life (and the next) is all about. It’s about knowing and loving Jesus, being saved by Him, and allowing him to give you a spiritual heart transplant. That’s what it means to be Born Again. Because of what God’s Son has done and the sacrifice He has made for us, we get to experience a new life that will last forever. That’s the heartbeat of Christ.


6 thoughts on “Heart Transplant

  1. Pibi says:

    Reblogged this on papercandies.

  2. Trevor Abram says:

    This was simply amazing to read and very heart warming.

  3. TGDay says:

    Very touching! Thank you for writing this!

  4. tunji gbadamosi says:

    Dats just d very truth about christ

  5. kennedy says:

    i love ur messages, i have been reading and re-posting them 4 a while now!!! God richly bless u!!!

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