6 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a New Job

The decision to accept a new job is huge. Jumping into the wrong opportunity (or  the right opportunity for the wrong reasons) could prove to be devastating to your mental health. After you’ve asked your potential employer all the questions about 401k’s, time off, and expectations, I think there should be an additional list of questions that you should ask yourself before accepting any new position:

1. Would I be glad to see my co-workers outside of work? (“The Walmart Test) If you ran into these people at Walmart would you be excited or would you run down another aisle and hide? Seriously, you’ll be spending more waking hours with these people that with your closest friends, so you’d better make sure you enjoy being around them. If you don’t have anything in common with your potential co-workers, you’re probably going to be walking into a miserable office environment. If you can picture yourself hanging out, then you’ll probably enjoy working alongside them.

2. Am I taking this job to impress people or to bless people? If your primary motivation for accepting a position is that it will make you look good at your high school reunion, then don’t take it! Look for a job where you can make a living while also making a difference in the world. Don’t just chase the money or the titles…chase opportunities to make a positive change in the world.

3. Will I look forward to sick days? If you think you’d prefer being home throwing up just so that you could get a doctor’s note and have a day off from your job, then you don’t need that job!

4. Will this job allow me to continue improving myself? You should strive to be a lifelong learner and continue to invest in yourself to maximize your potential. If your potential employers share in that vision and want you to become all that you can become, then you’re probably looking at a very promising job opportunity.

5. Will my family be better off because if this job? Your job should financially provide for your family, but it should also give you the freedom to be there with them as much as possible. Your loved ones can do with less of pretty much anything if it means that they’ll get more of YOU!

6. Do I have Peace about it? The Bible says in Colossians that we should let the Peace of Christ rule in our hearts. That basically basically means that we should allow God’s peace to “call the shots” in our life. When you come to a big decision like this, commit it to prayer and ask God to give you peace about which choice you should make. If you’re commit the decision to Him, you can’t go wrong. His plans for your life are perfect and He wants you to have Peace and Joy in your work and in all aspects of your life.


3 thoughts on “6 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a New Job

  1. Josh says:

    7. Will this impact my Christian walk in any way, shape or form?
    8. Will I be required to forfeit church on Sundays for work?

  2. Josh says:

    🙂 It’s just things that I’ve learnt from first in full time ministry, and now working in the secular environment. It is a definitive change – ministry to secular, one which needs careful continuous assessment of our spiritual walk – I’m finding myself going back to my roots of when I first became saved, to be able to cling to what I know to be the Truth of God’s Word.

    You guys are doing a good thing.. Keep at it!

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