God’s Path to Marriage vs. The World’s Path to Marriage

Every day, I talk to people who are having serious trouble in the marriage. As I dig a little deeper, I almost always discover that those problems began when they decided to follow the World’s well-worn Path to Marriage instead of following God’s.

In our modern era, God’s Path to Marriage is definitely the road less traveled, but since He is the one who invented Marriage and Created us, He’s still the one with the right answers on Marriage (and everything else)! Just to give you some comparison, let me know outline the differences as simply as I can…

The World’s Path to Marriage
1. Play the field.
2. Find someone you like and have sex.
3. Give a minimal commitment so you can still play the field.
4. Step up your commitment by Moving in together to share expenses and “test drive” each other.
5. Get engaged.
6. Go into huge debt to pay for a big wedding that look like the ones you watch on TV.
7. Get married, but don’t change much. Always have an Exit Strategy in the back of your mind.
8. Drift Apart.
9. Get Divorced.
10. Repeat Process Beginning with Step 1.

God’s Path to Marriage 
1. Pray and grow in your Relationship with Jesus.
2. Be content with being single because Jesus is the only one who can truly “Complete” you.
3. When God brings someone into your life, start by building a healthy friendship.
4. Continue to build your relationship on a foundation of your faith in God

and your respect for each other.
5. Enter into a fully-committed relationship, but don’t have sex.
6. Get engaged.
7. Plan a wedding that will celebrate your love and tell the story of the God who makes all love possible.
8. Get married and party like it’s 1999!
9. Have amazing sex.
10. Raise a family, Grow in your faith and friendship daily, keep having amazing sex, love life, and stay faithfully committed to each other and God til death do you part.
Choose wisely!

2 thoughts on “God’s Path to Marriage vs. The World’s Path to Marriage

  1. Lisa says:

    This is a must read for anyone engaged, married or divorced!

  2. https://www.facebook.com/ says:

    Like it .

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