Running to Jesus in your Underwear

When you really love someone, you won’t let anyone or anything keep you from them.

I remember a time at a Pool Party when my oldest son, Cooper, who was around five years old at the time get stuck upside down in an intertube. It is every parent’s worst nightmare to see your kid in danger! In that moment, I didn’t think to myself, “If I break off this conversation I’m having right now, this person might get really offended.” or “I wonder how long he can hold his breath? I’m going to time this!” or “You know, he was disrespectful to me on the way to the party, I should just let him struggle for punishment.”

I didn’t think about what anyone would think or about my cell phone and wallet getting wet or the fact that I wouldn’t have any dry clothes to change into; I just dove in after him! 

I swam faster than Michael Phelps until I reached him and pulled his head up above the water. He coughed for a few seconds and then said, “Thanks ,Dad!” and went back to swimming like nothing had happened. I climbed out of the pool where the hosts graciously offered me a towel and some new clothes and we all had a good story to talk about as I dried off.

I think any parent would do that for their children, but what I find sad is that most Christians, don’t seem willing to chase after Jesus with that same type of unhindered enthusiasm and devotion. We get worried of what others might think and we consider how it might change our own plans and then we decide to let Jesus remain on one side of the water while we stay safe and dry on the other.

We miss out on the most important relationship of our lives when we don’t throw everything else aside to pursue Jesus.

I love the story in the Bible where Simon Peter sees the resurrected Savior standing on the seashore and literally jumps into the water in his underwear to swim to him!

“Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, “It is the Lord!” As soon as Simon Peter heard him say, “It is the Lord,” he wrapped his outer garment around him (for he had taken it off) and jumped into the water.” John 21:7

Peter loved Jesus and wouldn’t let anyone or anything stand in his way of being with his Savior. He didn’t care about getting wet or looking foolish. All he cared about was being with Jesus! Because of that love and devotion, God literally changed the world through Peter’s Faith.

God wants to do the same in your life, so don’t anything hold you back…Dive in!


One thought on “Running to Jesus in your Underwear

  1. Trust in God, Dream dreams and GO FOR IT!!!!

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