How do Christians “Reproduce”?

I remember sitting in my seventh grade Science Class feeling both terrified and excited as the teacher announced, “Today, we will learn about Human Reproduction. That’s right boys and girls…we’re talking about SEX.”

The whole classroom started to giggle. Even as I think back on it now I want to giggle. I guess, in some ways, we never get too far away from the Middle School version of ourselves!

The point of this post isn’t to explain to you where babies come from (hopefully, you’ve figured that out by now). What I do want to explore is how Christians and Churches reproduce. I draw the parallel to babies being born, because I believe that God designed every physical reality to illuminate a Spiritual Reality.

God designed a child to be conceived through the most intimate and passionate physical act that can unify a husband and a wife. The Bible teaches us that we (The Church) are the Bride of Christ. In a beautifully profound mystery, we are “One” with Christ through a relationship that is even more intimate than a human marriage. He loved His Bride (The Church) to the point of laying down his Earthy Life for Her and we are called to live our lives in full devotion to Him.

I believe that Churches that aren’t growing and reproducing are barren because they have lost intimacy and passion for Christ. As we give ourselves to Him in Worship, The Holy Spirit binds us together with Him and through that bond, He gives birth to a Spirit of Revival and Renewal that ultimately brings about new Churches and new Christians.

Perhaps this is an oversimplification of the process, but the bottom line is that God desired to have a vibrant, loving relationship with His Church. He wants to draw your heart to His. Through that relationship you will discover both our purpose and your identity. Apart from that relationship, you’ll find only emptiness.

For those of us who are already followers of Christ, let’s commit together to “renewing our vows” so to speak with our Savior. Let’s remove anything from our lives that is hindering our relationship with Him. Let’s pursue Him with Passion and let our love for Him and for each other touch the world for His Glory!


2 thoughts on “How do Christians “Reproduce”?

  1. scubamom says:

    I think that one of the first things that we need to look at is, are we attractive to the lost. Not saying physically attractive, but in using human relationships as an analogy, the first thing that attracts us to our possible mate, is visual. We need to project our faith in our actions, demeanor, and outward look on life. That’s the initial hook. Then(talking/dating) gets them asking questions about why we are the way that we are. Then comes the dinner with the family(inviting them to church). We all know that we have that crazy relative that we would rather no one ever meet, but they helped make us who we are. So, you introduce them to your siblings(fellow church members and attendees) first, the less threatening family. This gives them a look into your family life. How you were raised. Your values. Your quirks.
    Then, you introduce them to your Father. The “man” responsible for the “family”.
    I am blessed that when my husband decided to finally meet my Father, it was at a wonderful church that did not force any expectations on him. He was comfortable at the “table”. The discussion drew him into our family and he let Him fill the void that was inside his heart!

  2. awesome post! I always enjoy stopping by here

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