The World’s Most Beautiful Homecoming Queen

We’re in an Election Season right now, so most Americans are being bombarded with commercials and newscasts covering Candidates in local and regional races as well as the Presidential Race. Sadly, we as human beings have a hard time looking past the external when we’re voting. We’re drawn to folks who look a certain way and are eloquent in their speech, but those external factors aren’t always an indicator of the Heart and Character that’s underneath.

What if we approached every decision and every election by looking at people the way that God does…“The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

I’m so proud to live in the community of Evans, GA where the students of Lakeside High School just elected Jessica Giddens as their Homecoming Queen. Jessica is a beautiful young lady, but she’s not your stereotypical candidate for this honor. She has Downs Syndrome. Her peers and friends don’t look at her as someone “different” or someone with a disability; they simply see beautiful heart radiating through that beautiful smile.

Jessica was escorted by her father who is a soldier who just returned from Afghanistan. This is truly a remarkable family and a remarkable moment made possible by a group of high school students who realized that whomever received the honor of becoming their Homecoming Queen needed to have more than just a beautiful crown…she needed to have a beautiful heart!

Congratulations, Jessica! Your entire community is so very proud of you! And, to the students of Lakeside High School, we’re very proud of you as well!


6 thoughts on “The World’s Most Beautiful Homecoming Queen

  1. tammyswann says:

    LOVE this!!…This is AWESOME Pastor Dave!!…Love 2 U and Ur Sweet Family from David and Tammy Swann…:)!!

  2. KAREN MAYS says:

    CONGRATULATIONS QUEEN JESSICA! I know your parents mos be so proud of you. I hope this is a time you will remember all your life. This is truly the most beautiful homecoming queen picture I’ve ever seen!

  3. The students will never know the mark they have made on the hearts of this family. Jessica, you are gorgeous! What an honor. You are loved, Jessica and Lakeside!

  4. Love how the students looked past the exterior and saw who she really is inside. One of the junior high schools where I live did the same thing. It’s Beautiful. One small kind act can change the world.

  5. Prepare For Rain says:

    Reblogged this on Prepare For Rain and commented:
    What a great story! Having a 3-year old son with Downs who just came home from the hospital, I find this very inspiring. Thanks for the post to share.

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